Sunday, 11 March 2012

Unexpected item in the basket area

This post is about a company which did so much right and then threw it all away by doing something spectacularly stupid.

I was looking for frosted window film to add a little privacy to some plain glazed doors. I really wasn't sure about whether this was the right approach and whether the film is easy to fit. But I found from a paid search listing and everything looked good. It's a reasonably well laid out site with bags of information about the different products available. The navigation can get a bit confusing and clearer calls to action may help to improve conversion, but the videos that show you how to fit the film are great and gave me total confidence that I'd found the right company. So I entered the dimensions of the film I needed and the price looked reasonable. Off we go, just need to checkout.

Hold on a minute. What the hell is going on? A minimum order value:

At no point on the site had there been any mention of a minimum order value. Sure, I'd been hoping that it was free delivery. But as this wasn't actually plastered on the site anywhere, I knew I was going to have to pay for shipping. So with a minimum order and a charge for delivery, my £15 of window film is going to cost me £30. You can't double the price of the product in the basket and hope to get away with it.

Back to Google to find an alternative retailer (of which there are plenty). The company that did all the hard work of educating me and giving me the confidence to buy (and paid for my visit) has lost out to a competitor. Don't dick about with the basket page like this. And make that checkout button stand out more while you're at it.